Design Services During Construction (DSDC) and Assistance to Construction Managers

When an engineering project transitions from final design to bid and construction, a designer's role shifts onto assistance during actual implementation of the design. At times, this can be very intensive and overwhelming for the design staff.

Prudigm can help clients set up a full-fledged DSDC protocol system including but not limited to handling and reviewing shop drawings, RFIs, Change Orders, Correspondence with various stakeholders, and keeping an efficient liaison with the construction managers. After years of experience in this sector, Prudigm's Principal Naeem Anwar has prepared a DSDC manual to specifically address industry needs by providing guidelines on how to efficiently set up a DSDC protocol for various tasks. For more information on the manual including how to order the manual, please visit the Publications page.

Prudigm can also assist Construction Managers and Resident Engineers in mitigating any scheduling issues and bottlenecks in order to achieve project milestones on time. Prudigm also offers services for site inspections and quality control during construction.

Prudigm's expertise includes commissioning of all Building MEP systems including fire protection. Prudigm works closely with GC/CMs, subs, clients and vendors to perform onsite commissioning of systems, and preparation of startup and commissioning plans and reports.