International Development

With increasing demand for clean water and sanitation in the poorest parts of the world where mortality related to waterborne diseases is much higher than in the developed world, there is an increasing need to assist communities come up with sustainable systems for clean drinking water and sanitation.

Prudigm, on a not-for-profit basis, takes pride in offering assistance to local and global organizations working in this sector. Unless and until a sustainable and well-engineered system equipped with technologies appropriate for a certain community or region can successfully be maintained locally is planned and implemented, goals to provide clean drinking water and sanitation cannot be achieved. Prudigm would like to partner with organizations working in this sector in implementing sustainable, well-engineered, and well-constructed projects.

To help organizations and other entities involved with this sector understand some aspects of self-help or partnership-based water supply and sanitation projects, Prudigm has prepared a simple slideshow for their information and use. This is based on Prudigm's Principal Naeem Anwar's past experience with rural water supply and sanitation projects, and with international development in general.